Welcome To Boone County!

Boone County Fairgrounds
11th Street and Fairgrounds
Albion, NE 68620

Office hours during the fair: 8 am-10 pm.
Hours during the month of June: 10 am-8 pm.

President: Dave Noble (h) 395-2352 or (c) 741-1322
Vice President: Butch Gray (c) 402-741-0209
Treasurer: Jeryl Kettleson (h) 402-608-0134
Secretary: Mike Mapel (c) 402-741-2947

Charles Rolf
Tom Hamling
Tina Henn
Butch Gray
Dave Noble
Paul VanDeWalle
Jeryl Kettelson
Mike Mapel
Monte Olson
Cody Gulbrandson
Amanda Mogensen
Aubrey Schriver


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