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Kids Power Wheels Races

  • Grandstands @ Boone County Fairgrounds Albion, NE (map)

There will be a registration area outside the pit area where the power wheels will be placed on a trailer. During the specified time the power wheels will be hauled out to the track. The kids will then be allowed to come from the grandstands with one parent or guardian. There will be a small track on front stretch outlined with cones. There will be no other activities on the track at this time.

·       2 age divisions (3-5 years old & 6-8 years old)

·       No gas motors allowed.

·       Up to a 12-volt lawn mower battery can be used

·       Lawn mower batteries need to be covered

·       Batteries need to be securely mounted

·       No batteries in drivers compartment or passenger seat

·       All participants must provide and wear helmets (Bicycle helmet, etc.)

·       Prefer kids wear full shoes

·       Seat belts are not mandatory but are recommended

·       Childs Arms and legs must remain in compartment at all times

·       Doors must be secured shut

·       Must remain stock

·       Only modification allowed is use of a lawn mower battery

·       Only 1 parent or guardian allowed on track

·       Vehicles can be decorated. Keep FUN in mind

·       Vehicles will need a visible number

·       Waiver and release of liability needed before child participation

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